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We’re just a husband and wife (and puppy) passionate about living life off the land. Having both grown up on farms, we always knew we wanted the same lifestyle for ourselves and (one day) our children. We love the sense of fulfillment that comes from growing, raising and preserving our own food, and enjoying it in wholesome meals throughout the year.

But being self-sufficient wasn’t a new idea for us. Fabien’s parents have lived that way for the past 20 years, and much of our knowledge has been passed down from them. It seems that hardly a month goes by before another story, another documentary, another TV show reveals the corruption of our food industry, the destruction of our environment, and the overall fragility of our modern society.

This flood of information was the kick-start we needed to begin pursuing self-sufficiency in our own lives. Living on a small acreage with my parents, in the middle of an ever-growing city, we realize the challenge that is before us. But we’re not setting out to change the world. Just the way we live in it.

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