Fast Forward to Fall

It turns out that I’m not a very consistent blogger when there are things to do…

This summer went by in an absolute flash, and I’m only just beginning to feel like life is easing back into our habitual swing of things. And quite honestly, so much has happened that I feel the need to categorize everything into different posts to avoid a thesis-length recap!

2018 garden

July felt a little like a mad rush, harvesting and processing veggies every night when we got home. I would pick a grocery bag full of peas, sit in the shade, and shell them until the tips of my fingers were green. We froze four giant freezer bags full (frozen peas are one of my favourite snacks!) and we canned seven 500mL jars. The beans were mostly Fabien’s domain – he’d turn on a movie and trim the ends of the beans until well after the credits finished rolling. We also froze and canned those so they last until next year’s harvest.

Side note: this year we invested in a great big pressure canner to help with the preservation of all our garden delights. I hated how many plastic freezer bags we used last year and knew we needed to find another solution. And while every time the canner is steaming I fear we might have a pressure-induced explosion on our hands, Fabien keeps his eye on things and ensures me the canner has been thoroughly dummy-proofed to avoid canner-explosion lawsuits – (so far) everything has been a success!

The end of the summer took a turn for the gross, spending most of August under a forest fire haze. We’re pretty sure the lack of sunlight and heat units caused by the smoke negatively affected our tomato crop which, after flying ahead in the heat of July, came to a complete standstill for those few weeks in August. When they were finally ripe enough to harvest, we found many were mushy and quite tasteless on the inside. Luckily, we planted a lot of tomato plants so the crop wasn’t completely lost!

Also this year, we expanded our flock of chickens to include 21 turkeys and 3 ducks, turning the backyard into a bit of a vocal menagerie, at least until it’s time for freezer camp.


Looking back on these photos from the summer, it’s hard to believe that fall is almost on its way out and another growing season is nearly behind us. We’ve been enjoying farm-grown meals since June, and look forward to a winter filled with deliciously flavourful preserves. It’s so fun to think back at how we’ve grown and what we’ve learned since first starting out three years ago, and I can’t wait to see what we come up with for next season!

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