Zucchini-ful Muffins

Our zucchini harvest last summer was insane and Fabien is in part to thank (blame??) for it! I think it was maybe a challenge he had with himself, to see how many he could grow…or maybe he mistakenly took us for a family of six rather than two…whatever the reason, we had a ton of zucchini!

zucchini size chart

To top it all off, neither of us had ever preserved zucchini before. Fabien’s parents have cold storage that keeps their vegetables nicely throughout the winter, but since we don’t have that (though we’re hoping to rig something up for this season), we figured we could try freezing it like we do with many of our other veggies.

In assembly line fashion, we cubed, blanched and froze as much zucchini as we could. Unfortunately we were suffering from a bit of impatience and didn’t let enough water drain from the zucchini cubes before freezing…leaving us with eight extra-large Ziplocs of frozen zucchini clumps. So much for that.

With the other vegetables we freeze (like leeks, green beans and peas), we’re able to take out what we need from the bag and put the rest back in the freezer for later. But with our zucchini clumps, we were stuck having to thaw the entire extra-large Ziploc and use all of the zucchini in one go. I was so frustrated…I like zucchini, but I had no idea how to use that much in a single recipe.

Until last week, when I found the most amazingly delicious, zucchini-ful zucchini banana bread – it used up my entire bag of zucchini, and it’s pretty healthy (which isn’t always the case with banana breads).

I found the recipe on one of my favourite food blogs, Half Baked Harvest. This blog is so great – full of all kinds of yummy recipes, beautiful photography, and the girl who writes it lives in the coolest renovated barn (yes, please!)

And her Chocolate Chip Olive Oil Zucchini Banana Bread is an actual lifesaver for those of us drowning in frozen zucchini clumps.

I only modified it slightly, adding more zucchini and less banana to make up for my excess of the green stuff, and made it as muffins instead of bread because I wanted to be able to freeze some for later (which turned out to be unnecessary…they were gone in two days!)

Yes, I’ve learned that zucchini clumps and I can now be friends. But for this coming season, I’ll be investing in a spiralizer…and trying to convince my favourite farmer to go easy on the planting 😉

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