Educate Yourself!

Food sustains us. Without it we would die. So doesn’t it go without saying that we should know exactly what we’re feeding ourselves?

Of course, every country has its own laws and regulations regarding food, but so much of what is available to us in our grocery stores is produced for a global market.

Start by reading labels; if you can’t pronounce the ingredients and the list extends the entire length of the bottle or box, the product inside is probably not that great for you. Less is more when it comes to additives, preservatives and fillers. And the Nutrition Facts are important too!

Be cognizant of the country of origin of your produce. If it had to travel over thousands of kilometres, chances are it was picked before it was ripe and has little nutritional value left in it. Flash frozen veggies are often a better alternative during the winter months when very little is in season locally.

And most importantly, look at the marketing of food products with a critical eye. “Natural” doesn’t always mean “natural.” “Made with…” doesn’t always mean there’s a lot of that ingredient inside.

Don’t take a back seat when it comes to your health and nutrition. Seek out the resources and information you need to make educated decisions about your food. These three documentaries are a good place to get started…

Fed Up

Food, Inc.


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