But Why?

A lot of people wonder why we would even bother with a self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s a lot of work and you’re tied to the land, and there are many plants and animals that depend on you for survival.

But I would argue that those reasons are exactly why we like it so much.

In the world of ever-present technology, it’s easy to lose sight of reality and life’s purpose outside of a social media persona. Real life is not selfie-perfect, and there’s nothing more grounding and centering than a good dig in the dirt. When the phone is put down and time is spent reconnecting with nature, I find my soul is lighter and my smile comes easier. I stop comparing myself to everyone else and their beautiful families and wonderful lives that constantly fill my screen; instead I am able to focus on the beauty of my own family and the wonder in my own life and think – wow, am I ever grateful to be here!

radish bouquet

On a more global scale, Fabien and I never cease to be shocked by the complacency so many have toward our food system. We strongly believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to educate themselves about how the food on their table got there and who they are supporting by purchasing it. You don’t have to live self-sufficiently to take a stand against the massive corporations who have such a frightening monopoly over the global food industry. Chose instead to support local, wherever you can. You’ll feel better, eat better and support your community, all at the same time!

So here we are, back at the question of why?

And my question to you is: why not?

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